Reasons Why Bricks Crack and How to Repair It?

As winter changes into spring, you can possibly start spending a bit more of your time outside. However, what if you can see that some of your brick already starts to crumble or crack? If your bricks get cracked, it could either be a sign that there is an extreme underlying problem or it can also be a small problem that can easily be repaired. This article is a guide that can assist you in determining the reason behind your cracking bricks and what are the measures you need to take after:

Common reasons for cracking bricks

External Force

Basically, brick cracking is due to an external force, which can either be the internal force that can mean that there’s an existing foundation issue or a naturally-caused external force.

Although, you should refrain from expecting the worst. In fact, cracked bricks are commonly a sign that your home is settling particularly when the plot of your home was excavated before your home was constructed. Unless your house is unevenly settled, the chances of having an underlying foundational problem are unlikely.

Water retention

Another reason why bricks in your house cracks would be water retention. Once the bricks are subjected to a great amount of sprinkler water or rain, they can seep in the water. Because of this, the bricks tend to expand making them extremely large for their usual pattern. Apart from that, this occurrence is what can result in cracks as well.

Deteriorating mortar

When you have an older home, instead of suspecting a foundational issue, it can just be due to the deterioration of your mortar between your bricks. Once your mortar gets crumbly, this can result in structural issues especially when you neglect this sign and delay the repair. However, this can usually be repaired easily if remedied right away.

Indicators that your cracked bricks are a major issue

Before assuming things, it would be best to have your home’s cracking bricks checked with a professional concrete contractor to guarantee what such cracking really means. Here are the major signs that your brick cracking is a more serious problem.

  • Your brick chimney begins to lean
  • Cracking near your foundation or roof
  • Dramatic changes in the crack’s direction, length, or shape
  • Doors or windows sticking or not functional due to changes in brick position

Regardless of what the underlying cause of your crumbling or cracking brick, there are several ways for you to repair it and prevent other bricks from eventually cracking. When you’re still unsure about the real cause of the problem, or you attempt to repair it but always wind up having extra cracks, in the end, make sure to ask for the professionals and let them take a look at your affected structure in your home.

If you’re looking for a trusted expert to do that for you, let us know today and give us a call. Our expert contractors can help you with such an issue and will provide you tips on how to maintain your cracked bricks and how you can prolong its life.